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My mother-in-law really gets me.

She tags me in food posts on Instagram, shares her best recipes, and makes her own homemade vanilla. She appreciates a good source of chocolate, and she makes the best cookies I’ve ever had.

Even if she doesn’t keep Sriracha in the house, or she won’t eat pork chops, no matter HOW good my chutney is…she’s a pretty solid foodie. We can’t all be perfect, right Karla? 😉

I love how much she knows about baking. I love that she is as excited about food as I am. She’s always gifting me cookbooks and food stuffs, but this year she really outdid herself.

For Christmas, she gave me the most perfect gift of all time: Piquant Post.

Piquant Post - The Chic Gourmay
Each individual packet comes with a description of the blend.

Piquant Post is a monthly spice subscription. Each month you receive two to three unique blends from around the world. Additionally, each spice blend comes with a recipe so there’s no confusion on how to best use it.

This is a brilliant idea for a subscription box, because anytime I want to try a unique recipe, I end up wasting money and cupboard space with spices I won’t use again.

With Piquant Post, I can try the recipes and spices before investing in a bottle of my own.

The first recipe I tried was the Scandinavian Fish Cakes with Mustard Aioli. I’m not the biggest fan of fish cakes, I prefer seafood when it’s mixed with other things. So, I decided to turn it into an appetizer. I deep fried all the batter at once, serving it on crackers with the aioli as a drizzle.

Piquant Post

The next recipe I’ll be trying is traditional Swedish Meatballs. Sweet & savory is a favorite flavor combo of mine. I’m also really excited to prepare them authentically, as I’ve only had IKEA’s version. [IKEA is great, but…y’know.] I’m saving the gingerbread mix for next Holiday season, because I just can’t bring myself to make gingerbread cookies in January!

I will make sure I’m not the only one to benefit from my subscription. I’ll be sharing the pictures, and some of the recipes here for you lovelies. Next month I’m getting a spice rub for a North African salmon recipe.

African food has some of the more unique and deep flavors I’ve ever had, so I’m just dying to get my hands on it.

As usual, be sure to subscribe, and you’ll never miss a recipe!