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[sg_popup id=”24″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]I’m from Texas, so, my take on southern comfort food is arrogant at best. Living so far away from the roots of my family tree, I don’t often find classic comfort dishes here in Utah. In fact, some of the best southern cooking I’ve had was at my own wedding. For this reason, I was reluctant to try Station 22 Cafe in downtown Provo, Utah.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

My husband and I actually stumbled upon this restaurant a few years back, after we moved from Salt Lake City to Utah County. I wanted to familiarize myself with the local food spots, and Station 22 Cafe was one of the first we tried. The atmosphere is moody and retro–think farmhouse-diner. Their claim to fame is a “soda wall,” containing unique brews of soda in every category. [Have you ever had birch soda? It’s minty!]

Station 22 Cafe

The menu is classic, southern comfort food with a twist–usually a fried twist! Featuring appetizers like fried funeral potatoes, and desserts like fried cookie dough. If you haven’t heard of funeral potatoes, they are a cheesy, creamy potato casserole topped with Cornflakes that Mormons always bring to potlucks–specifically funerals. Think fried mac and cheese, except potatoes instead of noodles.

Deep Fried Funeral Potatoes

Fried Funeral Potatoes - Station 22 Cafe
Fried Funeral Potatoes

I’m not a huge soda fan, but I always get a different soda just to try the different flavors. The Butterscotch is DELICIOUS, but way too sweet to finish! The prickly pear is yummy, but the extra spicy ginger beer is hands down my favorite. My two favorite menu items are the chicken and waffles, and the Memphis chicken sandwich. We’ve had a few other items, but they just don’t compare.

Sioux City Prickly Pear Soda

Prickly Pear Soda at Station 22 Cafe

The waffle batter is exceptional, but whatever batter the chicken is fried in, is unreal. Thick and crunchy, flavorful not greasy. Station 22 Cafe makes the Memphis BBQ sauce in house, in addition to the buttermilk syrup. I love when sage is used in sweet + savory combinations, so the fried sage on top is a perfect complimentary flavor. To be honest, the bacon bits are an extra element that doesn’t really add to the dish…but y’all know I ate it anyway, because this girl never turns down bacon.

Chicken & Waffles with all the fixins’

Chicken and Waffles - Station 22 Cafe

More recently I’ve been ordering the Memphis chicken sandwich. This has the same delicious fried chicken and BBQ sauce, with sweet coleslaw on an artisan bun. This is my go-to choice when I’m not in the mood for the sweetness of chicken and waffles. The coleslaw could use more vinegar to cut through the richness of the BBQ sauce; when eaten together it’s entirely drowned out by the heaviness of the rest of the sandwich.

Memphis BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Memphis Chicken Sandwich - Station 22 Cafe


We’ve never had dessert at Station 22 Cafe, because by the time we’ve hoovered through our appetizer + meals we are bursting at the seams. If I ever get to that deep fried cookie dough, I will definitely update y’all.