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Fall is time for pumpkin patches, scarves, hot chocolate, boots, and of course apple pie.

I’m going to share my favorite way to enjoy apple pie…cocktail style!

Now, I have to confess: I am not a big fan of cocktails. Yes I enjoy them, but I don’t have a lot of alcohol dehydrogenase [the enzyme that digests alcohol] in my body. This is a fairly common occurrence, people lacking this enzyme tend to become red-faced when they drink, then sick, or hungover, regardless of the amount consumed.

Therefore, I have to choose my cocktails wisely, because I’m a one and done kinda party gal!

You won’t find me drinking anything unworthy of occupying this coveted spot. My go-to is a Moscow Mule, because I love ginger beer, and I LOVE lime. Moscow Mule’s are versatile, perfect for all seasons with only a few tweaks.

Here is my recipe for an Apple Pie Moscow Mule, sure to impress your Halloween or Thanksgiving guests.

Apple Pie Moscow Mule


A few tips…

My favorite brand of ginger beer is Bruce Cost. It’s super spicy, with big chunks of ginger at the bottom. If you prefer your ginger beer more on the ginger ALE side, I’d suggest Bundaberg. Both are available at Whole Foods, or just click the links.

Keep in mind that green apple vodka will be VERY sweet, so you might want to try a spicier ginger beer for this particular cocktail.

While this recipe will undoubtedly be tasty in any receptacle, Moscow Mules are meant to be in copper mugs for a reason. I like a hammered finish, it gives it character. Additionally, as your copper mugs age, they take on a beautiful patina and lead to better tasting cocktails.

 These are the same mugs I have. I love this set because it comes with straws! Click the picture to pick some up for your next get-together.


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