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September is halfway over, meaning we only have a few good weeks of BBQ season left. The grill is potentially my favorite way to cook meat, because it’s always so juicy and flavorful. Charcoal, propane, chicken, or steak, I’m not picky–just give me something with grill lines on it!

I get tired of the same old BBQ recipes: teriyaki, seasoning salt, lemon garlic seasoning salt, etc. I love Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce as much as the next person, but it does get old. I love to create my own marinades, and since this one turned out spectacular, I thought I would share.

This BBQ marinade creates a sticky, caramelized coating so full of flavor you won’t need extra sauce.

BBQ Marinade - The Chic Gourmay


The secret to my honey mustard bbq marinade is the brand of sweet mustard. You can find it here. It is so. damn. good.

JUST sweet mustard - The Chic Gourmay


Most marinade recipes call for two to six hours, but I don’t think that’s long enough for chicken to properly absorb flavor. Chicken is not a porous meat, it’s coated in a layer of fascia (the white tissue you see on your chicken breasts), so unless you cut it up into tiny pieces, you won’t taste much of your marinade. My solution is to poke holes in it, letting it soak in marinade anywhere between 24-48 hours.

You might also notice I add a LOT of garlic. When marinating, it’s important to remember that the end product will be significantly less intense than the original sauce. I always make my BBQ marinades incredibly strong, so the flavor can actually find its way into the meat 

Beef & pork are different animals–see what I did there?— when I’m working with them I have a different marinade protocol. [Shorter time & no hole poking] Everyone loves BBQ steak or chops but I can promise you, put this recipe on the table and you’ll watch it disappear first.


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