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When I was young, one of the most important people to me was my Mimi.

Her home was open to everyone, as in, everyone in the larger Dallas area has probably spent a night on a couch in Mimi’s house.

Mimi taught me to keep an open door, to watch out for those who might be in need, and most importantly, how to cook with love.

Mimi’s food just tasted like love. Christmas Breakfast Casserole, Biscuits ‘n Gravy, Pot Roast, even the bowls of Sugar Smacks she poured for you tasted special.


Mimi's Mississippi Mud Recipe
Mimi, in her element, supporting her son’s football game. This woman will watch ESPN all day, and argue stats with the best of them!


The recipe I’m sharing today carries a lot of love, as it was a dessert staple at Mimi’s House.

This chocolate concoction tastes like summers spent in the creek under the treehouse. It tastes like taking a bath with the fancy soaps, Mimi braiding my hair before telling me a bedtime story. When I see the frosting, I’m reminded of holidays where the entire family came together, us cousins playing cards late into the night.

Mississippi Mud Recipe - The Chic Gourmay

Eventually Mimi taught me to make Mississippi Mud myself. She walked me through, but had me do it myself so I would get to “feel the food.” She even bought my poor college student self the special pan to bake it in.

I quickly memorized the recipe by heart, and made it on a weekly basis. It became a favorite with my college roommates, and my first “signature dessert.”

Mississippi Mud Recipe - The Chic Gourmay

If you’ve been reading or following my social media, you know that food is emotional for me. It holds deep meaning and memories. You are what you eat, on many levels. Science says so too. Mississippi Mud is simple, but truly one of the best dessert recipes you’ll ever find. It’s great way to please a crowd when you don’t have a lot of time.


Mississippi Mud Recipe - The Chic Gourmay

While this recipe may look like brownies, I assure you it belongs in its own category. Some tips for successfully making Mississippi Mud…


1. Do not over-bake it. This batter sets up by itself at room temperature, so it goes without saying that over-baking it by even a few minutes, you will have cement.

2. Watch it constantly. You can tell it’s done when it looks shiny and starts pulling away from the edges of the pan (see picture). The toothpick method is null and void here.

Mississippi Mud Recipe - The Chic Gourmay

3. It’s crucial to let Mississippi Mud sit, both before and after frosting. The texture is such that it needs time to set before cutting into it.

4. Frost slowly, and gently. You don’t want to rip apart the marshmallows. Even if it cools completely, they are still delicate.

The Chic Gourmay - Mississippi Mud Recipe

5. This dessert is incredibly rich, you really can’t eat too much of it at once. One pan should feed 10-15 people depending on their appetite for sweets!

I’m so excited to share my first recipe, even more excited that it’s Mississippi Mud! I know you’ll taste the love when you make it too. Be sure to subscribe and stay updated on all the yumminess coming to the blog.