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It’s pretty hard being a Mom, because half of your time is spent wishing your baby would stop growing, and the other half is spent looking forward to fun things they will be able to do at each upcoming age. This year I wanted to color Easter eggs, but Georgia May is only one year old, so anything liquid was not going to fly.

While walking the aisles of our local grocery store, searching for Cadbury Eggs (of course), I found PAAS Shake & Color Easter Egg dye kit. I knew this was the answer to my problem. Also, my kid LOVES to shake stuff, so I knew it would be a hit.

This kit gives you a way to make no-mess (or at least LESS mess…) Easter eggs with your kiddos.

It’s super easy, you just need 5 cups of rice and 6 Ziploc bags

Put one cup of rice in each of the five Ziploc bags. Add a color packet to each bag, close the bag, and squish the dye all over the rice. Put an egg inside a color, and shake for a few seconds, but don’t cover the entire egg in color yet!

Take the egg out of the first bag of rice + dye, and let it dry for 15 seconds. The package comes with holes pre-punched to make the box into an egg-dryer! When the egg has dried, put it in another color bag, and shake it again. Repeat with as many colors as you’d like to get a cool rainbow look.

Babies LOVE to shake things! She knew exactly what to do.

A few things to watch out for when making these no-mess Easter eggs…

When sealing the bag, make sure there is plenty of air in it for the egg to shake around in. This also insulates the egg from breaking.

The color dries out fairly quick. Add a couple drops of water if this happens.

Babies not only love to shake things, they love to THROW things. We had a couple casualties.

Good quality Ziploc bags shouldn’t break, but there’s always a chance your no-mess craft will turn into a BIG mess. Watch your littles carefully!

No-Mess Easter Eggs
Georgia May really had so much fun with this! I was surprised how into it she was.
No-Mess Easter Eggs
You can’t stop them from eating the rice…but that’s probably not the worst thing they’ve eaten, right?

Happy Easter from our family to yours.